Bridle2Fit is a unique concept where you can compose a bridle according to taste and size. The horse’s comfort is key. The designs are based on the anatomy of the horse, by which the fit and padding are optimized. The products are available in various colors, measurements, fits and editions (separately).

For every horse a perfectly fitted bridle that furthers wellbeing and comfort. This is Bridle2Fit’s goal!



The sparkling Crystal Browbands can be designed to your own color specification. We offer you the opportunity to customize with 21 different stone colors, giving you create more than 1000 of combinations.


Planning to ride bitless? At Bridle2Fit you will find everything you need! Our bitless bridle line is based on the anatomy of the horse, by which the fit and padding are optimized.

Still don’t know how to choose the right bitless bridle parts for your horse? Bridle2Fit has teamed up with Fam. Bos from, who have more than 30 years’ experience in bitless riding. If you have any further questions or need more information, you can always contact them for professional advice for riding bitless with a bitless bridle.

How to best fit an anatomical bridle? Contact our bridle experts!

A correctly fitting bridle is essential for your horse’s comfort and performance. If you are unsure which bridle parts to pick you, we advise you to call upon one of our bridle experts who are more than happy to guide you to the best model for your horse! In this issue the bridle experts take a closer at how to fit our bridles correctly.

Bridle2Fit Ambassadors

In the past years we have developed a valuable relationship with riders who believe that the fit and comfort for the horse is the highest priority. Our ambassadors have experienced the difference a well fitted bridle can make!

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