Bridle2Fit originated from a collaboration of equine dentists, bitfitters and veterinarians of the veterinary horse centre VPGC. During their work they encountered problems with horses that were caused by a mismatched bridle and/or bit.

A poorly fitting bridle can therefore also affect the well-being of your horse.

That a not properly fitting saddle or bit can cause a lot of discomfort is generally known, but much less attention is paid to the proper fitting of a bridle. It should be because a horse’s head contains many important attachment points of muscles and nerves that influence the movement of the entire horse’s body.


horse bridleThat point is not only the atlas, the C1, where the head is attached to the spine, but it is an important attachment point also. For example, under the ears on the side of the head, where the jaw joints are located (TMJ joint). Mismatched or overly tight parts of a bridle can cause discomfort and pain. This can cause ‘avoidance behavior’ or a compensatory attitude (false kink). Your horse tries to avoid any pain and/or discomfort by adopting a wrong posture. This can also  affects the movement in a negative way.

The same goes for a poorly fitting bit, of course. Standard horse heads do not exist. Standard bridles often assume one size horse head. But it often turns out that standard sizes of bridles are not suitable for all horses. Buckles are at the wrong height, nosebands are in the wrong place because they are too big or too small. Headpieces can pinch off between the ears and the front strap because they are not anatomically shaped and do not fit well. But with Bridle2Fit you can Mix and Match with all Bridle2Fit parts for a fine and well-fitting bridle.

Bridle2Fit is a mix and match concept in which the bridle can be adjusted as much as possible to size and shape to your horse’s head.

No horse head is the same, which is why all parts of Bridle2Fit bridles are interchangeable and replaceable. Among other things, you can choose from different, anatomically shaped Crown Pieces. A horse’s neck can be wider or narrower, as can the start of the ears and the size of the ears. Some horses do not like a lot of pressure on this sensitive spot.

The different anatomically shaped nosebands each have their own function and are available with or without flash. You can also ensure a better fit of the bridle by using the right size of cheek pieces, so that the height of the buckles can be determined more precisely. The buckles are sometimes in places on the horse’s head where nerves meet or just underneath the eye, which is not pleasant.

If you have a horse that falls outside the ‘standard’ sizes, that problem is also solved immediately. You can safely use a cobsize noseband with a medium headpiece if that suits your horse better.

Bridle2Fit parts are all interchangeable and replaceable.

If you want a different noseband, you can order it separately, you do not have to buy a whole new bridle right away. You can even put a bitless noseband on the bridle if you want to ride bitless. Bridle2Fit always keep innovating and looking for new ways and solutions to make wearing a bridle for a horse as pleasant as possible. Measure it yourself or have Bridlefitter come over.

Most Bridlefitters are also often equine dentists and/or bitfitters and can help you and your horse in multiple ways.