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Property rights

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Offers, prices and amendments

The product range is described with care and use product images to this effect. When an error in the product range is clearly a mistake, we are not bound by this. All information is subject to amendments. This process are subject to potential errors and price amendments. Bridle2fit International BV is allowed to change or terminate the website as they see fit and at any time, with or without notice.Bridle2fit International BV is not liable for the consequences of changes or termination.

Processing personal details

  • If you place an order with Bridle2fit International BV, your details will be included in our customer file. We act in accordance with the Dutch Act on Registration of Personal Data and will not forward your details to third parties.
  • Bridle2fit International BV respects the privacy of the users of the website and ensures a confidential treatment of your personal details.
  • Bridle2fit International BV utilizes a mailing list. Every mailing contains instructions for removing yourself from this list.
  • The personal details entered by the client will be included in a file. These details will be used to execute the order of the client. These details will not be forwarded to third parties.
  • Unless the client has indicated to object, the details of the client will be included in a central file of Bridle2fit International BV. These details will be used to keep the client fully up-to-date with regards to the affairs and services of Bridle2fit International BV. The processing of the client will occur in agreement with the applicable law and regulations.
  • If desired, the client can gain access to the personal details of the client that Bridle2fit International BV has included in the file of Bridle2fit International BV. The client is authorized to desire changes in the details, if these details are incorrect.

Exclusion of liability

The information that Bridle2fit International BV provides on their website does not provide guarantees with regards to the quality or quantity of use of the products for a specific purpose.Bridle2fit International BV is not liable for information and web content sent by users without their knowledge. Furthermore,Bridle2fit International BV is not liable for the web content and information of website in any way linked toBridle2fit International BV. If you leave the website Bridle2fit via a link on the webpage,Bridle2fit International BV distances themselves of any liability.Bridle2fit International BV is not liable for any form of damage, direct or indirect, related to the website.