Bridle2Fit Bitless noseband NF-2



The bitless noseband is available in two types, a single noseband and a noseband including cheek pieces. In addition, all other Bridle2Fit products, such as the browbands, throatbands and cheekpieces, can be used for the bitless bridle.

Size details:

  • Pony:┬áCheekpieces: 27 cm Perimeter: 65 cm
  • Cob: Cheekpieces: 30 cm Perimeter: 70 cm
  • Medium: Cheekpieces: 33 cm Perimeter: 76 cm
  • Full: Cheekpieces: 35 cm Perimeter: 79 cm

Together with the Bos family of we have released a bitless line.

View all bitless parts here.

Additional information




Small/pony, Cob, Medium, Full


Black, Havanna