Bridle2Fit Noseband model S1


Optional: noseband pillow

Optional: Back strap leather

Optional: flash strap (for snaffle nosebands)


Noseband model S1 is a wide noseband, which furthers the distribution of pressure on the nose. The bit cut outs in the noseband ensure that the bit has sufficient space to move. As such, it is also prevented that the skin of the cheek gets caught between the noseband and the bit.


Be aware: The noseband is delivered without back strap, noseband pillow and flash strap.

Freedom for the bitrings

Comfortable padding

Supple leather

Additional information


Black, Havanna, Australian nut

Bottom color (padding)

Black padding, Havanna padding, Australian nut padding, White padding, Cremè padding


Flat, Rolled


snaffle, double bridle


Small/pony, Cob, Medium, Full